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Can you have mini strokes at 33?

I have been having very strange sympotms all day and not sure if I am having a mini stroke or brain tumor or maybe an anurisem when i go to bed tonight, but I am very scared, but everyone is telling me it's anxiety. My question is how can you tell if what you have is anxeity or not, how do you know if you go to the dr's and they think its anxiety that they are right? I have had nubness in my left arm all day, as well as in my face. I have had a headache for most of the day with minor aches and pains through out my body. i feel as though I am having a hard time talking and typing. I also have moments where the world seems to move while I stand still, if that makes sense. So do I rush myself to the hospital or chalk it up to anxiety?
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Hi there and welcome to my Brain Body Fitness Forum. Please free to post at the Neurology forum as well since they can provide you a more accurate response. However I wanted to share my opinion and hopefully it helps you.

To answer to your question yes absolutely it can happen that we have mini strokes at age 33 or younger although it is rare and there are clear symptoms. Now to answer to your question if i were you  i will get myself checked asap when comes to the brain since one thing is anxiety and something else is if you are having headaches, difficulty with writing and especially numbness in your arm and face that is normally associated to some brain function although not always (in the case you have a pinched nerve you can experience numbness being not brain related) Anxiety and Panic attacks are quite frequent but they rarely come with those specific symptoms you are describing.

You were mentioning "brain stroke" lets go to see if I can explain you what
is brain ischemia first

According to the following link (copy and paste) http://stroke.about.com/od/whatisatia/a/TIAs.htm

The healthy brain requires a constant delivery of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to each one of its approximately 100 billion neurons. To accomplish this, and thus to ensure normal brain function, blood travels across multiple blood vessels to every part of the brain. In some people, however, blood vessels become blocked by blood clots, or cholesterol plaques, leaving discrete brain areas transiently disconnected from their blood supply. The resulting lack of oxygen and nutrients in these areas is known as ischemia. Neurons in ischemic areas starve and rapidly stop functioning.

What is a Mini Stroke or TIA? keep reading in the following link http://stroke.about.com/od/whatisatia/a/TIAs.htm

So as you can see although it may not be something right now it may be a warning that you may have something serious or not building up and experiencing those symptoms, so go fast to a hospital get yourself a good doctor, run tests and check if there are some clots that makes your brain act like that, again sometimes is that the blood flow doesn't reach all parts of the brain.

In the case it is just "a panic attack" exercise, meditation and stress management are the absolute best formula to deal with it.

I hope this helps and you start feeling better, I am sure you will!
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