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Chronic daily headaches

Hi, I am a 20 year old female and suffer from chronic daily headaches. I am desperate for some relief, if anyone has any advice!

It started in October 2012. I had headaches that by the week lasted longer and got more intense. By late October they were in the 7-8 range and wouldn't go away for more than 4 hours. Also around this time, my left eye would get a twinging pain whenever I looked to the left in my peripheral. One not I got the absolute worst headache ever, so the next day I went to the doctor. The sent me to an ophthalmologist who said my eyes were fine, slight sign of optic atrophy in my right eye but not too bad. I got an MRI which showed lesions in my brain (most likely due to headaches, but I am also being looked at for MS due to the pattern and large amount). My neurologist put me on topamax, but it didnt help and made me "dopey". In January I switched to verapamil, which also isn't helping at all. I am taking sumatriptan (immitrex) orally, atarax, and naproxen about 5 days a week, which I also know is not good for me but the pain is so bad.
My doctor explained the immitrex can cause rebound headaches so I'm trying to only take it about twice a week, but he said I could take it more often until we find a preventative medicine that works.

Please if anyone has any advice I am very desperate. I'm in college and can't live a normal life because my head is always horrible. Please help!
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Hi there and thanks so much for your question. Please free to post in any other forums at medhelp such as for migraines.

Chronic Migraine Sufferers Sicker, Poorer and More Depressed Than Episodic Migraine Sufferers
Feb. 18, 2010 — Chronic migraine sufferers tend to be in poorer general health, less well off, and more depressed than those with episodic migraine, reveals research published ahead of print in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

I also would like to suggest you the following blog post at Harvard.edu:

Living with chronic headache: a personal migraine story (Exercise and DIets helps!

However exercise can trigger migraines as well, so you need to see if when you exercise the symptoms get better or worse, here is another article you should look at:

According to Webmd feature:
When it comes to exercise and migraines, you've got two sides of a coin, says Lawrence Newman, MD, director of the Headache Institute at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York. Exercise can be an effective preventive measure against migraines in some people, he says, but in others, it can actually cause them. "We think migraine sufferers have a heightened neurological system," says Newman.

As you say chronic daily headaches are extremely uncomfortable. I am not a neurologist but I have been researching brain functioning and movement. I would propose the following: Once that you feel ok, try to move in different ways. Why? You want a better connectivity between different brain areas improving communication and brain plasticity. When you move with complex movements you are not only forcing the brain to interact in different regions but also different neurotrasnmitters will be released especially, dopamine, serotoning or noripeniphrine.
I will suggest the follwing 3 minute routine I prepared for Oprah Magazine:

After that practice a three minute meditation following Sharon Salzberg:
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