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Daughter w/broken leg/knee since 10/31

Currently residing (no permanent residence) in S. CA. Fell off bike on 10/31, injuring left knee/leg and wrist/arm.  When she finally got to a local hospital, they x-rayed, gave her the dx, bandaged it and told her to see a surgeon to set it and dismissed her from ER with crutches and a percoset prescription!  She still has not been able to get out of bed and into the wheelchair she just acquired yesterday.  How long can this limb go without being set or will it have to be "rebroken"?
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Hi there and thanks for posting this question.

From what you say I am confused as you are probably. What it was the exact diagnose? Any broken bones, fracture, soft tissue injury? Normally when you fall of from the bike there are clean fractures meaning that bones just crash without almost impacting soft tissue. If you observe professional cyclists that is exactly their problem when they fall they fracture the collar bone, hip or knee.
However in your case I am  not sure about the diagnose again but what happens in many cases especially with children is that when there is a fracture sometimes they avoid to perform surgery for variety of reasons but the surgeon needs to make the call.

My guess is that if she in pain you should really get the right diagnose and take her for a second opinion and proceed after that.

You can also post this question in the Orthopedics forum and Sports Medicine.

Once that she feel better we can start with the process or reconstructing but remember that professional cyclist when they fall they break bones constantly and it takes so long to heal.

I really hope she feels better!
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