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Delta Waves

Will someone with 1hz- 4hz come out of a coma. Was told also of ischemic?(lack of oxygen). Has slight myclonic, but when walk in room and talk to patient, hold hand they do calm down. Vent down to 5, bpm is anywhere from 22 up to 30. Does show signs of awareness ie...when talking to patient has facial twitches, tries to open eyes(opens to small slits). Pupils slow in reacting.  Occasionally has coughing spree. Would like to know of any treatments, medicines, to try and get brain more into a beta or alpha state. Do constantly talk to patient. Any help greatly appreciated.    
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Hi there...and thanks so much for posting this question. I want to be honest and frank with you and not sure if the Neurology forum it is the forum more appropriate fir this question. However I want to share what I know:

According to a blogger who has been researching Delta Waves http://4mind4life.com/blog/2008/08/05/delta-brain-waves-slowest-most-confusing-brainwaves/
Delta brain waves are the slowest of all your brainwaves. Like you say well they fall within the frequency range of 0 – 4 Hz. Lower than that you will literally be “brain dead.” Unlike theta brainwaves, which are commonly associated with the “subconscious mind” – delta brain waves are associated with the “unconscious mind.” Due to delta brainwaves being the least understood amongst brain waves [besides gamma]

Delta brain waves have long been linked to stages 3 and 4 of sleep. The delta brainwave range is considered “the lowest brainwave frequency. A decreased sense of awareness, increased empathy, and access to the “unconscious mind” are common, for more information try going to that link.

Regarding to your other question and these ones form part of the healing process and where science and mind body almost are not connected meaning that science can not explain in a scientific way what happens when reaching those levels. It is clear that the more energy you give the more there is a point where energies cross over the material with the non material world so my suggestion is to keep the sharing your energies.

In my line of expertise and working with kids with brain stroke and coma there is a point here if you move a muscle voluntarily you are activating many chemicals in the motor circuits so even being coma there is lots we can do. If you are a practitioner you must be aware of the potential you have, those twitches are sometimes associated to the autonomic nervous system reacting to specific circumstances or events.

Regarding medicines I could not help you in this topic but medhelp has excellent experts in the area of neurology that may help/

My final thought is that keep the spirits up, keep sharing that contagious energy you have and maybe try some voluntary movements such as raising one arm or one leg since an active body it is important for the mind even if we think they are asleep they are listening and watching
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