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Exercise with limitations~~~

Hi....I am back.... and I do have a question about adding the weights

I have 2.5 lb weights that wrap around  the wrist or ankle I am assuming this weight is ok to start with?

Where would I go next?....
It is good to have ideas since most places only tell us to do things that are beyond our abilities I appreciate all ur help : )

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Sure that is fine, start from a seated position a raise your arms to the side for fifteen times.
Then raise your arms in front of you for ten times
Ten times overhead if you can

Then wrap the weight around your ankles and raise one leg at the time, then change legs
Then hold one leg bent and straighten the leg ten times then change.

Remember Selma do it very mild and make sure you can do the exercise. I would recommend that you do all the exercises without weight first and then add the weight. All these exercises constitute one set, start with one set and after two weeks go to two and after 4 weeks go to three sets and stay at three sets.

Low resistance will help you get your joints stronger your muscles in shape and increase your bone density.

I hope this helps Selma!
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  Thank you so much, I get concerned as I have flares of pain from the Ehlers-Danlos and feel at times weights r too much...I know at some point I have to add them...but with this winter weather jumping from one extreme to another it has not been easy....but I am trying : )

   Thanks again

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