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Head pressure, yawning. Please help!

Hey guys,

I'm a little concerned.  For the past week and a half, I've been having some very strange sensations that I've never experienced before.  Here are my symptoms.

-Pressure in frontal and back part of head
-Pressure near ears
-Excessive yawning

I'm starting to get a bit concerned.  It's certainly getting better but it hasn't gone away completely yet.

I'm 18, 6'2, and 160 lbs (if that info is important).  Also I'm recovering from a fairly bad bout of dehydration but I've been rehydrating(like crazy) for the past 4 days so I figure that it should not be the cause.

It doesn't seem like a tumor?  Does it?

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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question.

From your symptoms I would strongly recommend you to visit a neurologist or post this question in the neurology forum.  From my field and always your doctor allows it try to exercise regularly with specific movements to declutter the brain and avoid brain fog experiences. Some times people experience what is considered "brain fog" and similar to your symptoms but i would really consult with your neurologist first. Clearly drink regularly water since brain symptoms are caused by dehydration.

Exercise from left to right- raising opposite arm and leg
Practice balance: from a standing position raise one leg and stay up for 20 seconds then change legs
Movement- practice 10 minutes of medium intensity exercise
Meditation-relaxation for 5 minutes practice breathing exercises and practice mindfulness

I hope this helps and you feel better
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