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Hearing Low Tones From Brain/Ear

Hi there, just wondering if anyone can help me??. I've been hearing low tones from the head/ears, not ringing but more like a constant ongoing low tone/sound. I believe that it's my brain playing tricks on me from electrical appliances around the home and outside. I'm guessing that my mind has mimicked this and I'm allowing it to bother me cos it's only there when I think about it. My anxiety is what's making it worse for me cos I'm paying it too much attention and thinking that I'm going crazy when actually I'm not. I've been like this for 5 days now. I'm 26, 27 next month. I have no hearing loss, ears are just full of wax. My doctor gave me diazepam to help with the anxiety and I was also given some other tablets by the doctor to help with my dizziness but I've decided that I'm not gonna take them and go through it naturally cos I honestly believe well I'm hoping that it's just a psychological thing that I'm going through and I need to just try and relax and control myself. I'm thinking about it way too much and it's making me very upset and I can't concentrate properly. I can't stop shaking. Haven't sleep properly. Things feel soo surreal, almost like a dream state. I feel like my life has changed and I've lost the old me :( does anybody know what could be wrong with me?? Much appreciated.
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Hi there and thanks for posting this question

Have you ever gone out clubbing and you come home lie down and hear that banging music in your head? Well according to what you are describing it sounds like your sensory proprioceptors in the ear are really sensitive to noise and they are able to memorize specific sequences. Clearly anxiety levels do not help in order to destroy that repetitive melody in your head. My guess is that you could a great musician! In a more serious note I know how frustrating it is since it has happened to me before.

My suggestion: Sit down in a quiet place, shut off the light and practice breathing exercises to the point where you just concentrate in the breath "in" and "out" do that for at least ten minutes followed by some fast walking getting your attention away. By doing this exercise regularly you should be able to focus the attention and the subconscious circuits of the brain to different mental tasks.

I hope this was helpful. You can post in different forums like "neurology or hearing"

Thanks again!
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