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Hello what happened is i went out. I got knocked out lot two teeth and had bleeding on the brain. i had a scan i stayed in hospital, i healed fine. when i left i dident feel the same person. it took quite along while to get back to normality but i still have lost my sense of smell when it comes to foods, like salty foods mainly. salt and vinegar crisp dont smell or taste the same. its doing my head in. nothing taste or smells the same, i mean im starting to get used to it now. i just go along with it. but what isit and will it stay like this forever? PLEASE HELP
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question.

Sorry to hear about your bump. You did the right thing trying to get tested and see what exactly was going on thanks to that wise decision you may have prevented a more serious injury. The most important is that you stopped that bleeding. Regarding to your question smell happens mainly in the Olfactory bulb in the brain and if you feel that there is a clear difference between before and after the bump clearly you may have shaken those circuits now if doctors haven't seen anything more you are really good. Now regarding to the olfactory bulb did you know that Neurogenesis or the birth of new neurons happens in the olfactory bulb> My recommendation is that you take thirty minutes and practice smell by smelling foods, anything you can and be patient.... and see if slowly starts coming back, remember that our brain has the neuroplasticity capacity of recreating new circuits so unless you have a clear major damage I can guarantee that it will come back slowly. Now there is a really important question that i want to discuss with you and is stress and anxiety. I understand that you are going through a massive period of stress and anxiety. I would go through the same!! but if you put your brain through that stage your brain will automatically shut off and start the survival instinct closing doors to new learning or new experiences so my recommendation is that you sit down quietly every day and start meditating for 10 minutes  calming your brain making sure you put all your efforts in bringing back what is important to you. Also physical exercise it is a great way of getting back your brain and feeling in the top of your game, I have proposed several exercises here to help you.

Please let me know how you do since I am really interested in hearing how you are getting that Olfactory bulb to work in a beautiful manner! please let me know if you have any more questions
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