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Infection in head

Hi there,

My mom is 51 year old.She has asthma from 20 year and recently has problem of high uric acid (knee pain). She always cough and release liquid via mouth all the time. In blood test she gets infection. Doctor says it may be infection in head. She is suffering from this from last 6 year. I am bit worried and want to know the name of this diseases ? Any ideas and treatment advice? Is this dangerous disease? Thanks in advance
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question. From what I understand in your letter I can see that your mother is experiencing an inevitable consequence of aging.

However the coughing liquid should be treated as very dangerous and emergency it is required to make sure she doesn't have anything more serious.

It looks like your mother has gone through some rough challenges and In any case I think that you should still have her checked and make sure that through a brain scan you can see no signs of brain infection at all. Through brain scans they can see if she has some infection in the head. SOmetimes liquid cumulated in the inner ear tends to leak and can cause an infection but I would not trust building hypothesis and get her checked and monitor with neurologists if there is a signal of infection in the head that is causing that cough.

I hope this helps
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Thanks Michael
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