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Is it brain damage or a servere headache?

I'm not sure if it fits in this category but anyways here I go
Yesterday In the morning I was headbanging not violently and only for a about 10 seconds. Then suddenly Ive been getting these awfully horrible pains in the back of my head which lasted thought the night but gotten worse by then the side of my head started hurting too. Immense amount of pain and pressure on that side too and . I've honestly had no sleep I've taken one 10g of propanolol which had no effect, so I've left the medication for now. And today it still hurts like crazy more likey seems like migrane and tension headache off and on. I haven't been unconscious at all Ive been completely awake and active  but feeling weak and a bit of nausea. I'm not sure wether it's brain damage or just a headache

I'm 14 and have a very mild case of epilepsy if that helps, please reply soon thanks.
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Hi and thanks for posting to this question. Before of submitting you a possible answer I think you could post in the forum "Migraines" and "Neurological.

I really hope you change the habits of "headbanging". Unfortunately i don't have the best news for you and you should be aware and be careful
According to an article published in the Guardian: Headbanging does create risk of brain damage, says study

In their site they explain the following "We identified a definite risk of mild traumatic brain injury from headbanging," Dr Andrew McIntosh, of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), told the Australian newspaper. "We would suggest a proper public health warning, as for smoking." The results of his research were published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal.

Researchers at UNSW's school of risk and safety sciences found that risk of neck and head injury was directly related to song tempo. The average heavy metal song, with a tempo of 146 bpm, is likely to cause mild injury to keep reading copy and paste the following link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/dec/22/headbanging-rock-music

However the question is that if you do it once you may be able to not have caused that damage but those symptoms clearly represent the risk of following that practice.

I would post in another forum and see what other experts say. I would say go to a doctor get checked and if the symptoms have ceased make sure you stay away from headbanging.

I hope this was helpful
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