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Knee pain

Bill once again, in the last year i've had knee pains, 1 year ago my left knee started hurting a lot when bending it and especially when i was waking up, 5 months ago my right knee started hurting less and my right started hurting. Now only my right knee hurts but i keep feeling my left knee as somewhat vurnelable cause almost everytime i squat and come up both my knees make a cracking sound (especially my right). Sometimes when i went to play basketball when i made a high vertical jump i would feel extreme pain inside one of my knees. I went to a doctor and he told me that it was because of sitting many hours in front of my pc with my knees bent a lot (which is true). If u have the time i would like u to tell me
1) What type of damage have i done to my knees?
2) Is it fixable and if yes how can i do it and how long does it take to fully heal?
3) Will it leave any kind of permanent damage on my knees or does it 100% heal?
Thanks a lot for any help
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Hi Bill again :) thanks for posting this question! Knee injuries as you may know are the most feared for any basketball player since they are our powerhouse without them we could not run, jump, twist and score! so it is extremely important to develop strength on those knees. You should not worry about the time you spent sitting down since most of us we have to sit down and remember at your age i had to sit down long time since I had to pass all my exams.

In physical strength, especially competitive athlete you need to develop strength in different ways:

One developing powerful muscles around the knees. You are looking at strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings, inner thighs and calves. All those muscles need to be trained individually and as a part of a whole body movement to improve knee mechanics.

The second is really targeting the soft tissue of the knee itself with proprioceptive exercises requiring balance, here I am sending you an exercise that helps with knee mechanics: Copy and paste: http://www.youtube.com/user/BodySmartTV#p/u/0/AFCume9pb_8

Not sure if you are doing proper and individualized athletic training when you play basketball but it is extremely important, when i was your age i used to spend 4-5 hours of physical and 4-5 hours of practice.

I hope this works..!
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