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Malaria considering craniectomy

I had a craniectomy done 5 years ago (185 staples ) will I be more at risk of dying from malaria than a person who has not had this brain trauma ? How will it affect my brain if I get cerabral malaria ?
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Thanks so much for posting this question.
Sorry to hear about your ordeal this is not a neurology forum where I think they can give you a more accurate response but I will give you my opinion.

Decompressive craniectomy is a neurosurgical procedure in which part of the skull is removed to allow a swelling brain room to expand without being squeezed. It is performed on victims of traumatic brain injury and stroke. Use of the surgery is controversial.[1]

According to research there is evidence of a high correlation between parasitic invasion in the brain and some brain dysfunction such as brain stroke. You can check and interesting book http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/16749867/228761280/name/Handbook%20on%20Cerebral%20Venous%20Thrombosis.pdf#page=30

In other words if you have malaria you may be exposed to more brain dysfunction
The scalp is a common site for infection.  The danger of its infection stems from its closeness to the skull and brain, and the possibility of spreading disease.

Scalp anatomy has an important bearing on understanding the outcome of scalp infections.  Of its five layers (skin, connective tissue, galea aponeurotica, loose connective tissue, and pericranium)

In my opinion the brain tends to regenerate and restructure in a powerful way restoring its original healthy state although I agree that there may be an initial stage where swelling from the craniotomy occur that you may be more exposed to bacterial infections.

I hope this helps!
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