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Mother of 3 trying to get back into shape

Hello My name Is Brandy. I have 3 children and im 30 years old. My youngest child is 7 and im still struggling to loose the weight from him. Im not over weight i just have belly fat i need to get rid of. I do yoga 3-4 times a week and some core work outs in between. I guess what im asking is...What is the best way to loose belly fat? Before I got pregnant i was a gymnast, dancer, very active. My belly and my waist is the only place iv seem to have kept the weight..Oh and I had a double c-section. Would that have a play in the problem..
The reason I need to know is because i want to be a personal trainer and well cant really have this problem and lead others...
Thank you for your time Have a blessed day
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Hi Brandy and thanks so much for your question.
Yes as you may know C section may play a bigger role than you think since some of the muscles need to get stretched to accommodate the baby. As you may know Yoga workouts and core workouts are important but you need to activate specify muscles around your waist. Those muscles are named the oblique muscles. The muscles need to be strong, activated so when you start dropping body fat you will see how your waist drops significantly.

In other words For best results, combine aerobic exercise with a regular strengthening workout that targets the abdominal muscles.

Here you can find how to activate the obliques

However if your body fat tends to accumulate in the lower section of your abdominal you need to do specific exercises to activate the lower abs such as applying some weight resistance on regular abdominal crunches.

Then diet, increase the amount of protein and reduce weight and you should be able to see results but if you do it without strength movements you will still have the fat so add strength training to your routine.

Congratulations with your intention of  being a personal trainer and the fact that you have some fat down there should not interfere or persuade you against obtaining a title. Mine was from the National Academy of Sports of Medicine (nasm.org)
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Thank you. I agree with you on the obliques and well everything for that matter. I am currently in college for an Associates degree in massage therapy. so it will be about 6mth or so before i get into pt. again thank you for your input.
Have a blessed day
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Of course Brandy anytime! Check out my blog today maybe it helps you to work some of that core strength from home: http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/560374/Plank-Exercise-for-beginners-and-athletes-to-develop-a-spectacular-core-strength-from-home

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