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Muscle and nerve degeneration

I have been having alot of pain, swelling, and discoloring of my left foot and ankle. My arch has fallen due to the tendion tearing. After going through alot of tests they found I have severe muscle and nerve degenation in my lower back. I never had any problem with my lower back at all. Now they are talking about surgery and I don't want to go through it. Is there anything else that I can do to fix the problem with out having to go through surgery or get those painful shots in my foot to numb it?
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Hi there and thanks for posting this question

Yes it looks you have had an injury for quite some time and dealing with the pain probably trying to ignore it till something "cracked" if that is not the case my apologies, I see a lot of people that they ignore pain and then something happens.

In this case you have two serious problems that you need to address one is the tendon tearing and the foot discoloration that is a symptom that needs to take care. Also is the tendon tear partial or complete? If it is partial you may be able to put some weight on if it is complete not. Also a discoloration can represent circulation problems so please take care of that as well

Here are some links


Regarding your lower back
Pinched Nerve or Degenerative Disc Disease Information
Definition: Degenerative disc disease is a gradual deterioration of the intervertebral discs of the cervical, thoracic, or lumbar spine. With time, the fibers of the outer layer of the disc weaken and the fluid in the center of the disc dries out and the spaces between the vertebrae narrows.

In other words Lower back injuries and muscle and nerve degeneration is a common symptom when the discs are rubbing against each in the presence of injury with the possibility of leading to a more severe injury such muscle and nerve degeneration. Normally this injury goes in different stages: first simple physical therapy and if doesn't help steroids shots and if not surgery so if you have not gone through those stages with your doctor just ask him if there is anything else that can be done to help the the repair or get a second opinion.
In the case that all is negative maybe you should consider surgery after everything in the case you are young since it can get solved but please make sure to check with few other doctors) Normally surgery happens when the nerve degeneration is so severe that is the only mechanism to try to regenerate the damaged nerve. I have heard this symptom before when a client would have foot problems and they found out to be a problem localized in the lower back.
Again be prudent and get a second opinion before getting under the knife.
Hope you are well!
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