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Senses slowed

Four or five times now, i've had these spells randomly where when I move, I feel everything slowly, like normal movements become dragged out, or I feel them repetitively in short seconds, and my vision blurs. I am female and 16 years old. It lasts around 2 hours unless I fall asleep. When its happening, everything is especially slowed down if I touch things with sensitive parts of my body like my face and the palms of my hands. I'm not sure what it could be because I've never heard of anything similar.
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Hi there and welcome to the Brain Body Fitness Forum!
From what you are describing you are experiencing a general slowdown. We all suffer that at some point, sometimes we are either too stressed, anxious or we haven;t had enough food or sleep. Lack of sleep makes our body to just slow down in general and have blurry vision.

If that is not the case I would suggest you to do some meditation exercises (breathing exercises, "Book Insight Meditation" and physical exercises like clapping and tapping followed by raising your opposite arm and leg for 20 times. Exercise can clear up our "brain fog" and get our senses back. I have a book with tons of exercises for you if you are interested.

For sensory balance and proprioceptive  exercises are really important to improve reflexes and a better sense of oneself: try this exercise: From a standing position raising one leg and close your eyes for twenty seconds then change.

However if these symptoms persist you should check with a neurologist and ask for their feedback.

I hope that these exercises help you!
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