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Severe Concusion what to Do?

My 11 yr old Niece Hannah was hit by a ford 150 Truck in the back waiting at the bus stop last thurs.    She was unconscious for about 10 minutes. on Impact she flew about 20 feet and landed on cememt.    She broke her nose and both her eyes are black.    She went by ambulance to the hospital, they did a Ct and Said there was swelling but sent her home telling Mom to watch her closely.  Yesterday Monday, she was in excrusiating head pain and vommiting & quite aggitated, my sister took her back to ER.   They did a MRI, It showed Edema, and Brain swelling, the ER Dr seemed very concerened and Paged the On Call Neuro Surgeon who was in Surgery.    He apparently viewed scans and said he didn't need to see her and to send her home.   ER Dr seemed very concerned and changed the status of her concusion from mild to Severe.   And said to come back if she gets worse.   My Sister seemed confused as Hannah had all of the symptoms currently on the list.   I See a Counseler who has her PHD, and part of PHD study was on Tramatic Brain Injury and PSTD.    I told her what happened, and she said, PURSUE HELP, to take Hannah to Childrens Hospital Tommorow.    I wanted to see if this was worth the trip as it is a 2 hr dr, but our local hospital does not offer allot of help for kids.   Or they just going to say go home and wait.   She is still throwing up, and very very tired.   And severe headache.      

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Hi there thanks so much for posting this question.
Feel free to post this question at the Neurology and Child Neurology Forum as well. As you are describing it looks as she had a severe concussion and I hope you took her to the hospital again. If the symptoms still persist you need to insist to take her to the ER again.  It is clear that your niece is developing symptoms and necessarily to get treatment asap. I can see why this situation is causing frustration and concern.

In my opinion yes it is worth the trip to go there and have also a second opinion although if the symptoms are severe you need to take her to ER again.
I hope she feels better!

Here is a little more information about head injuries
A head injury is any trauma or concussion  that injures the scalp, skull, or brain. The injury may be only a minor bump on the skull or a serious brain injury.

Head injury can be either closed or open.

Learning to recognize a serious head injury and give basic first aid can save someone's life.

Remember that you should Get medical assistance right away if the following symptoms occur:

Abnormal Behavior
Neck Stiffness

Please let me know how your niece Hannah is doing...
Loss of consciousness
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