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Visual Problem after head injury

I am a 22 yrs old male. 2 yrs back i had a head injury which was mild when the back of my head banged against a wall. I didnt faint nor was there any black out, but a small bulge at the back of the head. I was quite fine after 10 mins or so, with a little pain which gradually went away.
After the injury i started experiencing visual problems and symptoms like floaters, flashes, viewing black spots, "After Image problems" etc. I consulted eye specialist who attributed these to the fact that i am having severe myopia right from birth and didn't talk much abt the head injury. I even consulted a neurologist and had my C.T scan done. The reports were normal and the doct denied any neurological problem. Even an neuro ophthalmologist
who declared that there seem nothing of concern and didn't pay much attention to my symptoms. They carried out certain tests and denied any neuro problem.

Now my concern is that since all my symptoms started only after the head injury so are they related to the head? Problems like floaters, flashes etc can be attributed to that the fact that me being myopic but what abt the "AFTER IMAGE" problem (generally more after i use to wake up from sleep), feeling like objects move sometimes, black spots on moving eye, problem focusing, sometimes dizziness etc. The things have not improved during these 2 yrs after the injury but have become more persistence.I am greatly concerned whether they are related to the brain as didnt have these probs at all before the injury? What treatment should I undergo to suppress them as at present I am undergoing none?

Kindly lend ur esteem consultation .

Thank you.
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Thanks so much for your question.

I hear your concern and I just wanted to congratulate you for your patience since i know how frustrating those conditions may be.

Regarding to your question you are doing the right thing in consulting neurologists and ophthalmologists to see why are you seeing those conditions. In my opinion if you see some clear evidence that your life quality has changed it is because you may be right and something got affected from that incident. Now are you getting worse? I hope not! Every time i get question like this i would really like you do a cardiovascular session and some exercises like raising opposite arm and leg for 20 times and raise one leg and close your eyes. Do all those exercises together and monitor if the symptoms change. Exercise especially cardiovascular exercise and complex motor movement helps our brain to rewire it self better since different parts of the brain are activated and the information is flowing from left to right and from front to back. Also meditation clearly can add some sense of calmness and reduce anxiety.

Give it a try and hopefully the symptoms improve and if they haven't seen anything in the tests you may be in good shape but you can always get retested if you are unsure.

Please be allowed to exercise and please ask me any questions you may have...

thanks so much!
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