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White matter disease

.I had an MRI after experiencing some minor right side facial tingling 2 1/2 years ago.  I have had a problem controlling my blood pressure for several years now.  I have been prescribed a number of medications for this which seem to work for awhile,  BP creeps up, increase dose, works awhile, creeps up, get to max dose, change med to something else, then start over with the cycle again.

When the facial tingling occured, I went to emergency room.  By then the tingling had stopped, but they did an MRI with the following findings:

Few scattered foci  T2 prolongation  periventicular white matter.  No restricted diffusion, mass, mass effect or midline shift.  No hydrocephalus or extra-axial collections. Patent intracranial flow voids. Paranasal sinuses, orbits mastoids normal.

Impression:  Minimal chronic ischemic white matter disease.  No acute process.

I don't know if there are areas of concern and no one gave me an interpretation.  Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Carol .
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