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after a bad bang to the head

Doctor examined me after banging my head on the bottom of a cement swimming pool.  No findings, but since I had a persistent headache for more than 5 days and some nauseau,and prior to bump, was taking Elmiron for
3 days for IC symptoms. Stopped taking Elmiron after injury.  Doctor did a CT scan- no findings-meaning
no fracture, no bleeding.  Still have slight headache and tightness and pressure.  Fatigue.  Some nauseau.
How do I treat this at home?  Other website say rest -meaning no TV, or reading, or computer. How long before this subsides?  Could I still have some swelling that cannot be seen on CT scan?  Can it make my blood pressue
rise?  When the nurse took my BP during doctor visit, it was 10 pts higher than it normal is.  I usually am about
114 /72  but this time I wa 124/74.  Why different?
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Hi there and thanks so much for your question!
First I want to tell you that I am not a Neurologist but treat many people with concussions. I am sorry to hear about banging your head. However the symptoms you describe they are not that uncommon. You did the right thing by visiting the doctor as soon as possible and test for swelling, for clots or similar.

Post-concussion syndrome, also known as postconcussive syndrome or PCS, and historically called shell shock,[1] is a set of symptoms that may continue for weeks, months, or occasionally a year or more after a concussion – a mild form of traumatic brain injury (

When you bang your head you need to think what happens when you drop your phone or a computer to the floor, it may still work but maybe with some dysfunctionality in your case are the headaches that normally they will improve after few weeks although in some case it is resorted that a consistent migraines are persistent after hitting the head.

I would to worry about the blood pressure since that difference it is not significant and can be because of some foods or even some anxiety or stress.

I would try to incorporate meditation twice a day. Sit down in a quiet place and breathe 50 times making sure you inhale and exhale only focusing in your breathing. That will favor blood circulation to different parts of the brain and reduced stress and anxiety. (Meditation)

Then try to go for a fast 15 minute walk while you are concentrating when breathing monitor if your headaches improve or not.

Finally I will recommend that you add some targeted movements to favor some more circulation and bran activity.

-Raise Opposite arm and leg, 20 times and change
-From a standing position raise one leg and keep it raised for 30 seconds
-Last and finally start tapping your feet at the time you are clapping overhead.

All these exercises involve risk so make sure you are safe to do the exercises first and ask your doctor you should do the exercises really mild.  The reason why I am prosing them to to you it is because sometimes we need some targeted movements and breathing exercises that helps blood circulation and brain activity
I hope this helps!

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