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bad ankles? am i doing to much

I have always had pain in my ankles even just standing at work for to many hours they swell and are sore. Ive recently starting running and on the 5th day the pain was out of nowhere and almost unbearable every step i took i slacked off only did half my work out still in lot of pain on day 6 and have noticed bruisin in my ankle and knees though i havent hit them on anything. I dont want.to miss my run. Any suggeststions.
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Hi there and thanks so much for your question.
Yes you should be concerned it is clear that your ankles are telling you something with the bruising and the pain. You should check with the doctor and see how is your circulation or if you have some tendency or internal swelling. It happens in many cases that runners tend to increase the risks for internal swelling without noticing and you should get it checked.
Some other times is because your muscle groups attaching the angles are experiencing extreme tightness and when you are running your body is not firing or using the appropriate muscle fibers for the exercise so increase stretching it would help, especially the IT band and The Gastrocs, hamstrings and psoas. if you need help with any of those muscle groups let me know i would love to help.
Again if you hadn't mention the bruising I would say that is simple a muscle tightness with the bruising you should play it safe and go to the doctor and check internal swelling and make sure you have no clots in your leg muscles.
I hope this helps and you can get back on track!
Michael Gonzalez-Wallace
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