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brain shocks

sometimes when i stand up or randomly i have black outs and i try to hold on to something so i dont fall. this has happened for a long time back to as long as like 5 or more years. but just recently when i get up, jump, move, or wash my face or radomly i will have shocks or cramps or sharp pains in my head or the shocks are in my brain its usually at the top or at the side of my head. its starting to worry me i heard of something called brain hiccups maybe its that but i dont know.  please help me it hurts and i dont know what else to do
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Thanks so much for posting this question.
From your description it sounds like it could be a single isolated migraine to a more serious condition that you should check with your doctor. Sometimes blood pressure can have those effects of dizziness, blackouts.
Again if you feel the same recurrent pain you should get yourself check just to rule out a more serious condition.
I see many patients with similar symptoms to yours and with some specific exercises that combines coordination, balance and stamina it helps to regain control and self awareness. You can give it a try and if it bothers you  stop:
1- Raise the opposite arm and leg for ten times
2.-from a standing position raise your arms to the side while simultaneously you raise both heels and hold it for five seconds do it ten times
3. Finish a meditation practice where you are just following and focusing your breath for 5 minutes.
I hope this helps!
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