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correct alignment


I went to a kickboxing class last night. It was fun but... I am a Pilates fan and I am used to doing abdominal excercises in a slow, controlled way and in the correct alignment. The ab work we did was fast and frantic. To me it seemed sloppy. Also I am a yoga fan. The stretches we did were too far more intense than I am used to - seeing as we were supposed to throw ourselves into them.

The question is can I do long term damage doing this once a week?

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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question at my Brain Body Fitness forum.

It is true that one of the benefits of Pilates is more controlled motion through appropriate breathing although what happens sometimes is that in most of the sports activities there is an increase of eccentric and concentric motions meaning that movement becomes faster because that would increase endurance training that is really important for health and fitness as you may know.
I agree what you said in your question and what happens is that the appropriate philosophy is to engage in  a gradual progression where you may increase the intensity of the exercise without losing the form. Don't see it as the "right way" vs the "wrong way" although clearly there are right vs wrong exercises.

Sports athletes increase intensity to improve performance. I would suggest to use your pilates technique for the first repetitions and then start increasing intensity without losing the form that is how you would achieve the best of both worlds.

Regarding the stretches is interesting what you point out. My guess is that kickboxing is an activity that requires high flexibility and strength so that is why the stretches maybe were little different from what you are used to.
My take is that you did the right action by asking since I think you are really accustomed to your health and fitness routine and now you have tried something new and you are concerned. My opinion is that variety is positive although you need to be careful with the change. Always controlled movements and safe motions. Do not expect to achieve the level of performance of someone attending for 6 months. Think of a gradual way of increasing strength and don't be upset if you can't do it like others in the class. Gradual progression and movement control are the safest ways when starting a new routine.
Congratulations and keep me informed of you progression!
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