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Hey..I hope I am posting in the right section..I have this problem, I feel I am drunk all the time, even though I am not..can't see or focus properly but there is nothing wrong with the eyes..sometimes feels as if feet can't feel ground but I can walk normally..I can see people pass by but I judge presence..its going on since two days, had the same problem last year during same period of the year for few weeks then disappeared ..
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question.

Regarding your concern yes I would suggest that you post in other forums such as "Neurological". Regarding to your question those symptoms you describe sometimes are associated to low blood pressure or low levels of glucose in your blood. Patients with Diabetes sometimes express that signal of be "light headed" as a signal that sugars are running low in the blood.

My suggestion is that go to the doctor and see if blood pressure are under normal levels and if your sugar levels are normal. The Brain receives as much as 20% of total blood supply.

Regarding the lack of senses again may be just a deficiency in nutrients but to be totally sure you should get it checked. Then try to incorporate some physical exercise and flexibility exercises and see if the "brain fog" disappears.

I hope this answer was helpful
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