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head shaking

Hello, I was diagnosed with an essential tremor in my head. The shaking starts from the middle of my neck up, and my head shakes in a up and down motion. I was prescribed preprapanol and topomax. Those medications did not work for me. I am desperate for a relief of this. It has effected my life. I am only 18 !! Please if anyone knows of medication, or anything please tell me. Also, I heard botox in the neck helps.
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Thanks so much for visiting my forum and please feel free to post the same question in the Neurology Forum

According to the Harvard medical health website an estimated 10 million Americans with a neurological disorder called essential tremor, shaking of their arms and other body parts makes it difficult or even impossible to perform the simplest of movements.
You can keep reading here http://www.health.harvard.edu/fhg/updates/update1204c.shtml

It is clear that medication helps and is a more conservative and safer approach that surgery in the brain. I think that in a way it would be suggested that you can add some mild exercise and meditation techniques to reduce your anxiety. High level of anxiety also caused by you not understanding that condition so early in your life can contribute to a more activity in the central nervous system and make things worse so maybe consider doing some mild exercises and meditation that you can find in my blog

Here is also more information on how you can do some exercise and meditation that may help your tremor

Hoep you are well and feel better!
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