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is safe to run in ur second trimester

Im 18 and this my second baby and sometimes ihave alot of energy so ilike to run but im 22weeks pregent and oim not sure if its safe?
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question.

You need to be careful with the level of physical activity you engage once you are pregnant. You should do similar activities to the ones you were doing before getting pregnant but in my opinion much milder (medium intensity). If you were not running before I would stay away from it and I would take regular walks instead, do some yoga breathing for pregnant woman and so on. If you were really active before running is an activity that many pregnant woman do throughout the pregnancy...but careful

For high energy you can raise opposite arm and leg raise if you don't want to go outside

In other words is slightly more complicated since we want you to deliver a super healthy baby and that is priority....I hope this helps and well done!

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