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muscle twitching

I am 23 year old boy and very recently say for the past week I have developed twitching on my right foot . I am a hypercondriac and hence went to the doctor he asked for a cbc and vit d and b12 test . I was low in vitd (20) and vit b12 (250). The twitches they come and go and when I am walking or doin something there is no twitch then I can hop on one foot and run and also I can do all the calf tests and lift a chair with my big toe (the one in which the twitching happens).

I am really scared about the articles I see regarding als and am equally terrified .. The twitch happens in the rest of the body as well but happens more in my right foot .. It does stop but then kicks up again .. I am so scared that I don't sleep fearing that my time has come to an end and the doctor on the other hand blames it on my vitamin levels and anxiety ..
I have been a football player and have injured my foot many times.
I can still kick the ball twist it and everything.
I guess what I am asking is should I be worried I don't feel any apparent weakness and I can move my toe with no difficulty at all ..
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question.
As your doctor says and I agree with him that anxiety and some vitamin deficiency may be one of the cuase of the twitches but not entirely.

Muscle spasms can be painful. You may not know the underlying cause, but it could be a vitamin deficiency. A lack of certain vitamins can affect your muscles and cause spasms or cramps. But before you start using vitamins to treat any muscle spasms, talk with your doctor. He can help you pinpoint the cause of the cramps and advise you on vitamins, if they're necessary.
Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/440176-lack-of-what-vitamins-can-cause-muscle-spasms/#ixzz2LCgxzWiU

I think you should be looking that if you are feeling those twitches it may be cause lack of conditioning and prorpioceptive training in that part of your body. You mentioned that you have injured your foot have you done physical therapy and recovery.

My suggestion is that you should train more the joint by adding more proprioceptive balance like standing on one leg with your eyes closed and count to fifteen.

then start incorporating metabolic movements adding large muscle groups such as overhead press on one foot, first stationary then dynamic moving

finally add plenty of stretches to keep the muscle fibers always flexible and strong

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