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neck problems from childhood

hi i am sanjeev . having age of 21 years . i have neck problem from child hood and i had taken medicin but it still coming ..and now a days my entire head is paining .  i consulted  doctor throgh scans he is telling because of not eating properly  i want to know how this will effect me in future and the consequences of this issue .

and recently i  had taken Brain Scan . in that the report is

1)   "  there is steaky hyper dense area area in the right parietal lobe "
2)   "remaining parts are normal"
3)   "didnt bleeded ever"
its like this ..........

and finally  they written as

" Thrombosis of right parietal cortical vein apparent due to partial volume averaging of inner table of skull vault"

like this ....

i want to know what it mean ?
why these will happen ?
is it serious for my body ? if it is, how will effect me in future ?
is there any chance of getting Brain stroke in future ?
is there any chance of bleeding in future ?

please let me know
thanks in advance
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