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may 24, 2012 i fell on the cement, hit my head and was passed out for a few seconds. i have had every test from my neurologist, i still have stiff neck, numbness on the right side of my face with a serve pain going up from the right side of the neck to the base of my ear, then across the right temple of the head behind my eye to the base of the top of the ear. they did say i knock the crystals from my ear. i have bad mood changes, forgetting a lot, simple things even, dizzy, can't concentrate , nausea with some vomiting (not as much as i was). they have done two nerve blocks at the base of my skull first one lasted 3 hours the other 3 weeks, neither took away all the pain just the lower pain. now i am at the pain clinic who on Oct 13th did steroid shots in the right side of the neck, it has made the head aches worse and the neck worse i hurt to been it to do dishes.. the headaches are always at least a 6 on the scale reaching 10 at long period of times. (before they were 2-6 with at times 10)  they gave me pain medicines. they want to do two more series of shots than if that does not work they want to "burn the nerve endings" (which i don't know if they mean the neck or the head) my questions is what are the side effects to both these procedures?? and will i ever be normal again? to work? please help, god bless you
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