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unknown brain dysfunction ????

My condition is one I've had all my life & as strange as it sounds when I touch my left & right fingers with each other (kind of connecting both sides of my body together) my condition is 'fixed'. Happens every-time, consistently & has to be my skin touching, the stronger the effect is when my thumb or index fingers on the fingerprint side are touching the opposite ones of the other hand. I am aware of how crazy & impossible this sounds believe me.

When touching Im 'In the moment', the here and now. more logical as opposed to perceiving things just emotionally. take in what my eyes see without needing to focus, can concentrate easily without distraction. think about things whilst still being able to take I what I see, my surroundings. Much less clumsy and spatially aware. I take in what I see Im doing. Not forever internalising constantly in my head as opposed to in my environment. not having to 'think' hard to concentrate on any tasks and perform them. Perceiving and reacting to the world it is so markedly and instantaneously different. Its like my eyes suddenly 'see' outwardly, my thoughts reflecting that.

When I don't touch then all the aboves gone. Im left clumsy, 'internal' daydreamy, emotional, unfocussed, etc
If say my left hemisphere needed 'training' as to the brain being able to learn 'plastic or malleable' then I don't understand why it 'works' when connecting then then suddenly literally 'switches off' when unconnected as though it never existed.
I've been fired from several really easy basic jobs over the years for incompetence yet Im qualified to degree standard.
c.t. scans that showed no physical abnormality or lesions. s.p.e.c.t. scan showed several marked 'hot spot' areas of overactivity in the right hemisphere and some under-active areas in  left. Though that is simplifying things.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question.

From your description there is a clear advantage that i see and is that you really know about brain function. On a side note my belief is that the brain is far more complicated than it looks like and although we are hearing studies on how the different brain hemispheres are different I believe there is a clear integration between brain hemispheres. In the case you feel your left side needs more work: You can train your left side with movement. Your left side of the brain controls the right side of the body so for example if you move your right arm and right leg simultaneously you would be citing neurons in that specific area of the brain contributing to a better integration and function.

I strongly believe that movement can help improve both hemisphere functioning so try to do the following exercises aimed for each brain hemisphere:

Left Hemisphere: raise right arm ten times then raise right leg ten times then raise both simultaneously

Focus and Concentration problems are more common that we tend to think, so i strongly recommend that you practice meditation and exercise regularly that will help you to regain focus and control of your mind.

In addition exercises to help with anxiety will help as well such as meditation.

You can try these exercises and let me know how it works....
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