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Can pressure inside the head fluctuate?

Can pressure inside the head fluctuate without showing edema or hydroencephalitis? I have a PC and am wondering if my new symptoms are due to fluctuating pressure. If so, is it treatable? What symptoms do I need to be aware of in case the cyst changes or pressure increases before my interval follow up? I don't know what to look out for in case I have a neurological emergency.

My MRIs findings: "Pineal gland measures 11x9x7mm. It contains a cyst divided by a thin septation in the midline. The remainder of the brain is normal in morphology and signal intensity with no abnormal enhancement. Visualized orbits and paranasal sinuses appear unremarkable. Flow is seen in the cavernous carotid arteries and vertebrobasilar vessels. No restricted diffusion is noted." MRIs are on my profile for reference if needed.

Recently my migraines, tinnitus, hearing, somnolence with excessive sleep, verbal language comprehension, concentration, vertigo rocking, disorientation, stumbling, crunched body posture and positional sense during these spells or episodes have been rapidly changing since Jan. I had an episode that lasted a week with all of these symptoms except headache and with soft stools and diarrhea. I could not wake up, had a hard time understanding what people were saying and could not concentrate or engage to save my life. My eyes felt like they were crossing and skittering like they would during a long car trip from exhaustion, but I was sleeping 12 h a night. I'd call a friend to talk to on the drive home from work and fall asleep as soon as I got home. I was very afraid of what was happening and could be happening to me, and I did not know if I needed to go to the emergency room.

I have these symptoms a day before or a day after a migraine but never simply on their own. Is it possible that pressure somehow increases during these episodes or is it some sort of sensory migraine without a headache? Should I worry that it lasted five days?
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Dear Efire360.

The goal of this forum is not related to achieve any diagnosis.
What I can tell you is that sleep apnea can increase intracranial pressure by increase in PCO2 during the episodes, and that can aggravate any intracranial condition related to increased pressure.
Please see your doctor for an appropriate examination and diagnosis.
thank you
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