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Dr or anyone with this
I have been diagnosed with a calcified minginoma 14*5 on the frontal part of brain in between the skull and the brain... I went to to neuro docs and one said its calcified it won't grow and the other said yea u gotta watch it ... I have been getting headaches and sharp pains in my head I'm nervous ...what should I do.. I also have a pituitary gland antinomia and just recently went off the meds for it ... Please my Nuro said I am stressed out and my symptoms are poniting toward anxiety please help I'm going crazy with this thank u
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Dear Racquelb,

It is difficult for me to formalize my opinion here without seeing the imaging.
I will be glad to review it for you free of charge.

This is my address is you are willing to send the discs:

410 W. 10th avenue
N1011 Doan Hall
Wexner Medical Center
Columbus, OH

Thank you
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