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Have no idea what is wrong with me
For around 2 years I have been experiencing chronic depersonalization and derealization, meaning that I have been living in an abstract reality and different state of consciousness to most people. I really don't have the time to explain all the implications of this, but recently more alarming symptoms have presented themselves.

For the last year, I have been feeling strong pressure on the right side of my body, particularly behind the eye (this aspect has got much worse recently), but also around the temple and right arm. This symptom NEVER presents itself on the left side of my body.

My GP said it was not a tumor, but that it was not my sinuses either. We ran some blood tests but everything came back normal except for a slightly under active thyroid. Eventually, my stress concerning these symptoms reached a point at which I decided I had to know immediately if I had a tumor because the symptoms were matching.

I had a scan but I don't know if it was MRI or CT. The clinic did not call about the results, but apparently sent a letter telling me it was negative. I was away from home at the time and so was worried as there was no news. It was only recently that I called the clinic and asked for my results.

Despite this, the symptoms of eye pressure (feeling like someone is pulling at a muscle behind my eye) have got much worse recently. I can barely look at a computer screen or any light without recoiling in discomfort. I often have to close my right eye and rub it to get relief.

I saw an optician who told me my vision was fine and that she could not find any abnormalities within the eye, but would refer me to someone in a different part of London who was an eye specialist.

I'm sick of this. I don't need this **** at the age of 21. I'm going travelling to South America in around 5 weeks and I don't want to go while worrying about this.
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Dear midnight12873

Unfortunately the goal of this forum is not related to achieve diagnosis. Please discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Thank you.
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