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I was diagnosed with a meningioma

Dear Doctor(s),

Last week I had a head and neck CT scan.  Reading directly from the radiologist report, I was diagnosed with, and I quote, "A small partially calcified meningioma abutting the anterior falx measuring 9.6 x 5.7 x 5.9 mm in AP, transverse and craniocaudal dimensions."

Doing a bit of research online I came across a book called: Neuroscience in Medicine, By P. Michael Conn and he writes: "Meningiomas grow slowly, their growth never stops and eventually leads to the death of the patient due to the compression of vital CNS structures. Surgical removal is generally curative."

My physician said I should not be concerned, as I most likely would have lived all my life and never known I had it if I had not had a CT scan done.

Now that this meningioma has been discovered the radiologist and my doctor recommend a follow up scan in a year (active surveillance).

Does my particular meningioma diagnosis have any clinical significance during my lifetime? Should I be worried?

What causes meningiomas to develop?

Are there other pathological, or diet/lifestyle habit(s) to investigate that cause meningiomas?    

Are there any diet, lifestyle, supplement, drug therapies that can stabilize, shrink or destroy the meningioma?

My stats: 45 year old caucasian male, 6'2" 185, never smoker, non drinker, lifetime healthy diet and regular exercise.
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Dear trs220

This Benign tumors can vary from very slow growing process to some that are not so slow.
My advice is that if you see any proven growth on this meningioma I would take it out. Surgery is very safe for the location where you have the tumor, on good hands, of course.
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