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Low serum LH and FSH levels

I'm pregnant and I recently had a blood test done. The results showed that I have low serum levels of both LH and FSH-as I understand it is quite common that both of them are low at the same time.
My results were:

- Serum LH level: 1.7 u/L (in a range of 3-12)
- Serum FSH level: 1.6 u/L (in a range of 3-11)

My GP told me long before I got pregnant that I have an hormonal imbalance and that I might have problems to conceive. I got pregnant in the end but unfortunately I'm having a miscarriage as we speak.

So my questions are: 1) what could be the reasons of having this hormonal imbalance, 2) could this low LH and FSH be the cause of my miscarriage? or is it normal to have low hormones while pregnant? 3) is there anything that I can do to correct my hormonal imbalance and/ or tests to do to check possible causes (like pituitary tumors, etc.)

Thank you,
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Dear Lisch75

The numbers you describe could be normal during pregnancy due to elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone during gestational periods. They can suppress the pituitary gland.
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