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MRI results

I'm a 27 yr old woman. I have had random symptoms for the past year and a half that no doctor seems to be able to figure out. I had an MRI done in May of last year in the ER, because my symptoms were suggestive of MS. Apparently, I was negative for MS but I'm curious as to what the rest of the report meant, as it was not explained to me. If anyone knows what this means I'd appreciate the info. Thanks so much in advance:

A partially empty sella  is present. The infundibulum has normal appearance.

Vascular flow voids are normal.

A multiloculated cystic structure is present in the anterior aspect of the left middle cranial fossa, involving the greater wing of left sphenoid bone. No enhancement is present and it is grossly unchanged compared to CT (date in 2009)

Visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear.

Visualized orbits are unremarkable.

1. No evidence of acute intracranial process or abnormal enhancement.

2.Multicystic structure in the left middle cranial fossa involving the left sphenoid wing, likely representing aggressive arachnoid granulations, this is stable compared to (date in 2009) when accounting  for differences in technique.

3. Partially empty sella.
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Dear Lovelee925

These are normal findings.

Empty sella: is a term used when the pituitary gland is pushed down; it can be variation of normal.

Stable arachnoid graulations: normal structure that absorbs cerebrospinal fluid.
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