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My prolactin levels high, but no symptoms??? HELP Plz


A month ago I went to the doctor because I finally wanted answers as to why I was not having monthly cycles for a year since I have been off birth control. To begin with, I was given bcp's because of my cycles, and it worked, but only artificially causing the cycles.

So, last month I had a blood draw that revealed that the only thing out of wack was my prolactin levels which are at like 450 ng/mL! Yes, four hundred and fifty. She said that was crazy. But what has stumped her and the obgyn I just visited was that its that high but i have absolutely NO other symptoms of it being an adenoma.

What are your thoughts on this? Also, if I am prescribed something, do I have to take it for the rest of my life, or just until after I have children? I would prefer to figure this out a natural way if possible

Thanks sooooo much :)
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Dear teambella

With a prolactin above 200, a pituitary MRI is indicated. Bromocriptine or dostinex are the medical treatment. Most people have to take for life, but some people are able to stop the medication after a couple of years on treatment.

If the tumor is large and causing compressing of important structures and medications is causing side effects and/or not shrinking the tumor, then surgery is indicated.
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