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I would appreciate your expertise/opinion about this case.

My 7 year old daughter recently had a MRI without contrast.
She had a traumatic birth,  prolonged labor with pushing over 2+ hours, then 2 failed vacuum attempts, delayed c-section, respiratory distress, also exposed to sepsis. The doctor who delivered her was negligent, and ignored the ultrasound technician about her size during the 3rd trimester ultrasound.
She was 10lbs, 7oz...macrosomia...her head and torso was the same size. I did not have gestational diabetes. Ever since she was born something did not seem right with her. She banged her head often, slow to sit up, but got to her other milestones without any problems. When she went to Kindergarten, I was told she was severely delayed academically.  She recently got diagnosed with ADHD symptoms and Auditory Processing Disorder, and has symptoms of sensory disorder, high functioning autism as well.

The results for her BRAIN MRI are below:

There are two tiny, subtle foci of high signal on FLAIR an T2 weighted images in the cerebral white matter.

There is a 5.4 mm left choroid fissure cyst.

Mild mucosal thickening in the right greater than left maxillary sinuses and a posterior left ethmoid air cell.

There are two small foci of hyper intensity in the supratentorial white matter as described above. The significance of these is uncertain. They may be the result of prior insult or of no clinical significance, but autoimmune or ischemic etiologies an others are also possible.

My question is could this all be caused from her traumatic birth, pelvic disproportion, failed vacuum extraction on top of pushing for 2+ hours and oxygen deprivation that she suffered? This was her 1st BRAIN MRI since her birth.

I would like to find out about these findings before her appt in April with a Pediatric Neurologist.   I thank you for your input & time.

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Dear missy6201980

It is very difficult to give any opinion based on somebody's interpretation of imaging.
The radiologist said: "They may be the result of prior insult". I guess that answers your question. They are saying that it can be a consequence of previous trauma. But they cannot say for sure and they are also saying that it can be caused by something else.

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