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Pituitary Adenoma and Brain Lesions--
I'm 25 and I found out in 2010 that I have lesions on my brain in my temporal lobe. At that time I also found out that I have a pituitary adenoma. I am having the adenoma checked out since I have many endocrine symptoms and issues. However, I was never given any advice or explaination about the lesions. Recently, I have begun having problems with my eyes, numbness in my tongue and right hand and difficulty speaking when the numbness occurs. Also I am becoming more forgetful and these things are causing me concern. My overall question is if the lesions could be causing me any problems? And should I have them checked further? I do not have a lot of money, which is why I have not had them checked as of yet. I would be very appreciative for any advice that you could give to me.
Thank you.
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