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Pitutary Tumors and Sexual Function Recovery

I was diagnosed about 2 year ago with a pituitary macro adenoma that for all purposes left my libido shot to hell. I have been treating it medically and the MRI results are showing a marked improvement in the size of the tumor and blood tests indicate a prolactin output drop from 600 to 25. As expected I have been supplementing both thyroid and testosterone for the entire time of my treatment.
I also want to mention that I started experiencing sexual side effects to one degree or another almost 10 years prior to my diagnosis. It almost ruined my marriage. Loss of libido, and ED are a killer to a guys ego and it began to affect me mentally. (Depression and anger issues.) My sex life was virtually done.
Now, I'm at a point in my treatment where I would expect to see a significant improvement in this area of my life, but for whatever reason I'm not seeing it. I've incorporated Cialis into my meds, but it only helps so much.  I either cannot get an erection or cannot maintain one. It's almost as if the more I try to stay focused on the act, the more it becomes like an exercise and I am more aware of my condition than I am "in the moment". My fear is that the extensive timeframe of poor performance has left me mentally incapable of a normal sex life.
Has anyone else had these types of problems in relation to the sexual implication of a pituitary tumor or am I an anomaly? Is there some additional medical possibilities or do I need to seek mental health treatment?
Also, I struggled with posting this for some time. It's a topic that's not easy to broach with others and I would greatly appreciate your input as I have found very little elsewhere on this specific aspect of my condition.  
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Dear Mlhawk,

I know this is not an easy issue. It is very important you see a good endocrinologist to discuss this.
In general it is important that your prolactin level is within normal limits and also that your testosterone replacement is adequate. I had patient who did not do well with testosterone patches and others that do not do well with the gel. Some people do better with injections.
Please discuss these options with your endocrinologist and try the other forms of replacement.

Thank you
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For clarification, I'm 48 years old and in other wise good health. Exercise regularly not that my hormonal levels are correct and depression/anger issues are no longer an issue. (I've been off Lexapro for about 5 months with my doctors approval and guidance.)
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