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Problems after Pituitary tumor surgery

In 2006 I had a tumor removed from my pituitary.  Since my surgery I have had some serious problems.  LIke, memory loss that is getting worse, cognitive confusion and sometimes speech is affected.  Ringing in ears, vertigo, optic nueritis and a list of others stuff; oh my legs and feet go numb often.
The worse part is the memory and recall and the extreme exhaustion I feel even when i don't do anything.  I have had some tests done in 2008 for a MS theory and all had positive results other than the MRI but the nuerologist said "inconclusive".  
My family believes that I am jsut making it all up which infuriates me.  They believe that since the tumor was removed my memory is fine and that I am just a liar.  That they asked the doctor if my memory problems would clear up and apparently the doctor told them yes.  But then again they are bunch of uneducated idots....they are my ex inlaws.
My exhaustion is getting worse everyday as is my memory.  Sometimes when i am talking I am thinking one way in my head but it all comes out backwords.  It drives me nuts and this serious brain fog won't go away!
Is there a link between having this surgery and my problems that i have explained?
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Hi MsErika,

It could be related. The most important information is relatated to your pituitary function. Was it checked? When was last time you had a pituitary panel (hormones measured)?
Was your tumor a functional adenoma (tumor that produces hormone)?
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