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arachnoid, pituitary and pineal cysts

I am a 28yr old female, diagnosed with sub arachnoid cyst at age 7. At that time the cyst measured 5x5x2.5 cm. Over the past 2 yrs I have developed severe fatigue, depression, attitude changes, numbness and tingling in arms and legs and my headaches changed from severe migraines to severe pressure that "make me feel stupid", pressure behind eyes, feelings of vertigo. Mri Results are as follows :
No restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemic insult. No inversion recovery signal abnormality to this large retro-vermian extraaxial fluid pocket. This pocket not only extends down to the foramen magnum but elevates the torcula, dissecting between the midline tentorium cerebelli and torcula. The fluid pocket then disects anteriorly, resulting in downward compression upon the vermis as well. It does not extend through the incisor. From superior to inferior it measures about 5.9cm, from anterior to posterior 6.0cm and from medial to lateral 7.2cm. The fluid pocket does contain septations, projecting primarily to the left of midline. The overall size of the vermis, as well as the development and signal intensity of the vermis, is felt nomal. There is normal flow void present in the large vessels of the skull base at the circle of willis.
There is a T1-bright T2-mass in the pars intermedia, findings most suggestive of proteinaceous fluid within either a Rathke's cyst or pars intermdius cyst. There does appear to be a normal posterior pituitary bight spot behind this bright pituitary mass that measures about 5.0mm from superior to inferior, 4.4mm from anterior to posterior, and 10mm from medial to lateral.
In the supratentorial compartment there is normal flow void present in the large vessels of the skull base at the circle of willis. Small pineal cyst measures about 4mm.
Previous lumbar mri showed a 12.3mm cyst present in left kidney as well.
I have an apointment with neurologist in 2 weeks but until then I have to know something.
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Dear Kayleesmommy23

It is difficult for me to say something based on somebody's interpretation of the MRI.
I will be happy to review the MRI free of cost if you like.
Please let me know if you have a specific question.

Thank you
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