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parapharyngeal space tumor

Hi! I have been diagnosed with a parapharyngeal space tumor. I am 34 years old and have two young children. From what I have been told, the surgery is quite challenging and poses many risks. I have also been told that surgery is the route to go before the mass begins to cause problems for me. I am wondering if anyone knows of any ENT surgeons that have performed this surgery more than once and have performed it successfully. I live in Ontario. I am open to traveling anywhere for the best surgeon. Also, I am wondering the what the length of this surgery is and what all the complications are. Thanks!
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Dear April21512,

We have a comprehensive cranial base / head neck surgeon at the Ohio State University. If you would like us to discuss and give you an opinion, we can do it free of charge. If you are interested, please send your films to:

(For Dr. Prevedello's revision)
Doan Hall N1011
410 W. 10th Avenue
Wexner Medical Center at OSU
Columbus, OH
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