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small lump under skin in neck

I have noticed a small pea-size lump on my neck about  2 inches below and 2 inches behind my left earlobe. it feels somewhat soft and slightly painful when I touch it. There is a mild throbbing --comes and goes -- on the opposite side of my head, above the ear, inside the cranium. These are very new symproms.
I also felt tired and slightly noxious today (could be unrelated.

I am a 68 y/o female of average weight, (5'5" height and 146 lbs) relatively healthy with history of high blood pressure that has been under control with Benazepril Hctz 20/25 mg. I also had bilateral lumpectomy 3 years ago (DCIS and minimally invasive in-situ lobular carcinoma.) I had only radiation treatment and have been taking Femara. I have frequent follow-ups and no problems in that department.
My doctor is away for the next few days.
Should I be concerned? what coulld that be?
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Most likely these are inflammatory lymphnodes. Usually from viral infection. You should show your doctor when he is back.
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