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Should i be worried or not..

I'm a 16 yr old girl and I weigh 112.6 lbs. I can't gain any weight over 120lbs, I haven't been able to for 3-5 yrs. I have belly fat that I want to lose but I can't figure out how to lose it. I've also been having sharp pains from my lower abdominal to my upper chest for 4yrs. What would cause the pain? My doctors can't find anything wrong. Please help.
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I'm about 5 ft 3 inc.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question!
Regarding your symptoms it is really important that if somehing hurts you go to the doctor. Regarding your weight to know if you have an optimal weight i would need to know your height as well so not sure how to give you a recommendation but only suggestion is that you are still in development process and it doesnt seem to me that weight should be an issue.
However if you have that belly fat it may be cause the muscles in the core are not activated properly. You need to exercise activating all those muscles including exercises for balance, core strength and core stabilization.
Here you can try one of my exercises to activating the core tht was published in yahoo.com give it a try:)
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