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exercis and exams

Now I am studying for my exams , does the exercises will help me or not ??
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Yes, exercise can definitely help you study better as doing exercises causes your heart to pump more blood and bring more oxygen to the body. Plus it can keep you awake during long hours of study.
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Hi there and thanks for posting this question

Yes there is extensive research showing how exercise is good for you before exams

take a look at this study

and look at this professor explaining how exercise affects your brain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oac1qPgDuuc

try my exercises at Oprah.com it only takes ten minutes!
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Yes! I am too, and exercise is great for studying. It is proven that increased heart rate also increases blood flow to the mind, which results in clearer thinking. Take a break and exercise! It'll be good for ya!
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