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21 year old female with weird head sensations.

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weird symptoms all day everyday.
okay, so i’ve been having. the weirdest & most uncomfortable symptoms lately & i need some insight on what people might think it sounds like, because so far, my doctors haven’t figured anything out. my symptoms are:

brain fog.



neck pressure.

tremors inside of head.

my head will jerk by itself.

i see a bunch of different spots in my vision. (stars too)


sensitive to light.

neck pain at times.

vibrating sensation inside neck & head.

involuntary rapid eye movement.

feeling of moving when sitting still.

heavy head.

tingling in head & neck.

neck stiffness.

they thought i had vertigo, so i went into PT. but my physical therapist laid me back on the bed, & she said my pupils would dilate & constrict really fast.

i’ve been to a chiropractor & he says my C1 disc is out. we’ve been working on getting it back to normal. could that cause all of these symptoms? i don’t see a neurologist for another week & a half.

i’ve also been having pressure everywhere in my head, my ears, sinuses.
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