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A headache that won't go away

Hi everyone,

I've been having this  headache for over a month now and I'm really worried. From what I researched it seems to be a migraine. It's a pressure feeling on the right side of my head (around the temple) and it feels like a vain or artery will explode at any time. I'm scared to death it could be something bad!

The pain varies a lot. Sometimes it's very strong and sometimes it's almost nonexistent, but it's always there. I can feel it. I miss 'feeling normal' again... SHOULD I BE WORRIED or is this a somewhat regular occurrence?

I went to the doctor twice and they assumed it was sinusitis and prescribed me some medicine. Neither of them worked.  
Just a couple of points now so that you guys can help me better:

* I had this same headache about 3 months ago for the first time. It lasted for a week and then went away. Now it came back and is with me for over a month.

* I work as a night guard so I get irregular sleep. Sometimes I take naps at work and then when I get home at 6 am I sleep until 10:30 to 11:00 am. (But I've had this job for 2 years and never had this type of headache... so I don't know...)

* With my current girlfriend I have had some erection problems... It's 100% psychologically. I know it. But to get my confidence back I took some erectile dysfunction pills. (Sildenafil mainly and tadalafil). But I took a quarter of the recommended dosage and it worked. I still take it a couple of times a week, but I'm trying to get rid of it. It could be it? I don't think so... but anyway...

What do you guys think? Should I be worried? Help me!
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