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Brain reaction too food as soon as it touches my tounge


First of all thanks in advanced for deciding to read my story.
I have had severe mood swings for quite some time which caused me get anxiety, forgetfulness, speaking finding words got little difficult from time to time.

As soon as food touches my tongue I feel something like a pressure (if I can explain it well) on front side of my head which makes me feel down, sad, stressful ... all symptoms mentioned above. can't stand in a conversation, lack of concentration, might say something not very good or not appropriate to the person I'm talking to. expressing feelings etc. symptoms goes on. I found that carbs have more impact on this but fasting for some time makes me feel really better.

from 1 year ago my ears muscles started acting weird to certain sounds (mostly it's my left ear) and felt symptoms from Hyperacusis to Tinnitus (which have it on left ear). also recently when I walk my feet muscles become hard that I can't walk properly and I have to concentrate to make them feel ok. (my right foot most of the time). also breathing with my mouth and getting more oxygen make me feel better. or if I go to nature with more free air my brain feels better.

Can you please help me? It's really a difficult situation
and I don't know what kind of doctor should I be visiting about this.

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I had quite a lot of your symptoms myself from various conditions affecting the nervous system. If I had to recommend a doctor, it would be a neurologist. I love to do intermittent fasting too. The health benefits are numerous including improved brain function. Fasting can stimulate the production of new nerve cells from stem cells in the hippocampus. Pretty cool. :)
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