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Can Osteoma effect brain and possibly change personality

ve had lump roughly 2" long along my right eyebrow bone for probably close to 2 years.  I went to Dermatologist because friend works there and set up appointment.  While he said thats it was not something he can treat he said it was most likely Osteoma and referred me to a plastic surgeon.  
Its not really large bump but can obviously see it from side.  It has always caused headaches in that area and is constant pressure like someone is pressing two fingers on your forehead.  I had just gotten used to it until lately when finally decided to get checked.  
If it is Osteoma can it cause behavior issues?  Almost exactly the same time i noticed it i have acted differently like more emotional, overthinking, trouble concentrating and ruining ever relationship.  Last girlfriend asked me if was allergic to anything because i always sound stuffed up and know thats a symptom.  Recently i was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder which makes sense of my behavior but could this be the result of the Osteoma?  My family has history of cancer as both parents died of cancer.  And lately the pain has become sharper at the spot or right near the spot.  Can it cause behavior issues or be something other than Osteoma? thanks
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