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Can someone explain me my MRI Brain results?


CLINICAL INDICATION: Confusion, head pressure and tingling.


TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar imaging was obtained of the brain without IV gadolinium.

FINDINGS: There is no signal alteration within the brain. Multiple easily visualized perivascular spaces are noted including a dominant perivascular space in the left parietal region. No diffusion abnormality or susceptibility signal alteration are
present. The ventricles and cortical sulci are within limits for normal for age. No mass effect is present. The pituitary gland is not enlarged. Flow void is present within the carotid and basilar arteries indicating patency of these vessels. The orbits
are grossly normal. The cerebellopontine angles and internal auditory canals are symmetric and grossly normal in appearance. There is no Chiari malformation. The orbits are grossly normal. The paranasal sinuses are clear. There is no obvious skull base

Negative noncontrast enhanced MRI of the brain.

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